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You can become a Truestory host if you offer experiences or if you have a great idea for a new experience that you would like to get up and running.

On this page you can read everything you need to know about being a part of Truestory’s unique selection of experiences and hosts.

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What do you get as a Truestory host?

A platform for purchasing and booking

You will get a dedicated page for your experience, where customers can purchase and book dates that you have made available.

Customer service

At Truestory, Customer service is open every weekday. In addition to helping your customers, we also help you if you have any questions about your experience, booking, or anything else.

A collaboration focused on growing your experience

At Truestory we are dedicated to helping you grow your experience business. Our team is committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and support to succeed in the experience industry.

Marketing of your experience

We make sure that your experience reaches the right people. At Truestory we have a customer club, social media channels, an online inspiration magazine and in-house specialists in affiliate marketing, Google Adwords and Paid Social for Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

You can read more right here.


“It was a wild, beautiful, and overwhelming experience I will never forget.”
– Susanne, a Truestory customer in 2021



What are the benefits for a Truestory host?

As a host your main focus is to create and host great experiences for your customers. But to reach them and make everything run smoothly you also need a good booking system, awesome marketing and great customer service.

That’s where Truestory can help.

Being a Truestory host lets you focus on your experiences –  we’ll take care of the rest.

It's easy to get started

It doesn’t require a lot of steps before you’re ready to become a Truestory host.

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“Many different types of experiences. Easy and smooth to order.”
– Stine, a Truestory customer in 2022



How does it work?

Our hosts are very important. In fact they are our heroes. Therefore it’s important for us that the process of becoming a Truestory host is easy to navigate.

After the collaboration agreement has been signed we will work with you to get your experience live on Truestory. As soon as it’s live customers can buy and book your experience. And last, but not least, you will receive a payment for sold experiences monthly.

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You can read more right here.



“I just want to compliment you on the fantastic gift I ordered. Truly elegant.”
– Bente, a Truestory customer, 2021



What is a Truestory host?

A Truestory host is a passionate enthusiast or a unique place that loves to create great experiences for others.

An experience can be anything from staying overnight in beautiful cabins to wine tasting at the local vineyard. We are looking for all kinds of experiences – big and small.

The important thing is that the experiences are authentic and have a story to tell.

You can meet some of our current hosts in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway below.

We always put the host front and center. When a guest purchases your experience, it’s because they want to visit you and your place.

Do you want to create new experiences?

You don’t need an existing experience to work with Truestory. In fact we would love to help you develop great ideas into great experiences. We can help with things like packaging and pricing and share our knowledge to create unique experiences together.

In 2020, we worked with Jens Hedevang in Denmark to create a memorable experience.

Meet him in the video below. 

Jens was already a Truestory host, providing outdoor experiences in Thyborøn. However, in 2020, he had a new idea. Jens wanted to create an experience that involved a Puch Maxi. In collaboration with Truestory, the experience ‘Guided Puch Maxi Tour with Maxitours‘ was created. It turned out to be very popular and is often sold out.



“I can definitely recommend Truestory. I’ve only had good experiences with them.”
– Gitte, a Truestory customer, 2022



About Truestory

Truestory is the place where people meet to find, share, and create experiences together.

Truestory was born in 2012 under the name DuGlemmerDetAldrig in Denmark. Now, we sell experiences in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and have over 250,000 visitors on our platforms every month.

Our goal is to get more people to experience things together.

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