Our mission is to make it easy for people to find and share experiences together.


We provide a great start of your career.

  • You will be onboarded through our onboarding program.
  • You will have a mentor available 24/7 – almost.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from the best in their fields.
  • You will learn to work with the latest software:  Figma, Notion, Canva, Slack, WordPress, Close and so on.
  • You will have your own operational responsibilities and tasks
  • You will be a part of our strategic framework with the opportunity to influence where we are moving.
  • You will work on international initiatives.

Why intern at Truestory?

At Truestory, you won’t find yourself stuck with mundane tasks nobody wants to do. On the contrary, we tailor your experience based on you, your education, and your strengths, enabling you to excel. We guarantee you’ll experience personal growth throughout your entire internship with us.

Our ambition is to have an internship program that serves as our primary source for recruitment. Therefore, we try to kindly and supportingly push our interns towards real work as fast as possible.

We recognize the significant value interns can bring to the team, potentially leading to a future full-time position.


Meet our former interns

Praktikant i marketing

One of the aspects I valued the most as an intern at Truestory was the dynamic collaboration among colleagues and teams, creating a space where all inputs are valued equally.

I appreciated the trust Truestory had in its interns and the level of responsibility given, which significantly boosted my skills development. Having influence and seeing the results of the work I was involved in made me feel like an equal team member, preparing me for the next steps after my studies.

As an intern at Truestory, boredom is truly a rarity.

– Helle Neerup Rørvang, Spring 2020 (Now Creative Lead)

Praktikant i supply

At Truestory, you’re not just another intern in line. You become a part of a tightly-knit company with an amazing dynamic, where there’s room not only for seriousness but also for fun and laughter. You don’t just get handed boring tasks; instead, the company starts with you and your background. This created the best conditions for me to develop throughout my internship.

I was surprised by how high the ceiling is, meaning there are no limits and ample opportunities to explore and challenge yourself. As long as you catch the opportunities thrown your way. I was involved in selecting new experiences, planning meetings with our partners, and being on the sidelines when these plans were executed. All of this was to prepare me for conducting phone meetings on my own by the end of my internship, with good guidance from the rest of the team.

This is one of the many reasons why I feel much better equipped to enter the job market. Truestory should be a top choice when you’re looking for an internship because you get the whole package: a great workplace, interesting tasks, professional development opportunities, social events, and, last but not least, new friendships.

– Kathrine Mie Christensen, Spring 2019 (Now Head of Supply Operation)

The basic informations

  • An internship at Truestory is unpaid.
  • We’ve got your lunch covered for free
  • Your internship period should be at least 3 months.
  • You can find our office at Michael Drewsens Vej 13, 8270 Højbjerg – and you are, of course, welcome to drop by and see it all.

Marketing internships

As an intern in the Marketing and Communication team at Truestory, you become part of a team with significant ambitions. You’ll have a broad involvement within the company and can expect a wide range of tasks. You’ll have responsibilities, but you’ll also receive plenty of support and guidance from your colleagues in the team.

There are great opportunities to tailor your internship, ensuring that the tasks align with your interests and educational background. Our goal is to work together to ensure your maximum professional development.

Areas of work include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content creation
  • SEO and SEM
  • Google Ads and banner advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

We imagine that:

  • You are pursuing a relevant higher education degree, such as in marketing, design, e-commerce, or communication.
  • You have plenty of enthusiasm and ambition.
  • You’re eager to learn about online marketing. Experience in online marketing and communication is not a requirement, as long as you’re open to learning and not afraid to take the initiative.

Supply and host management internships

As an intern in the Supply Department at Truestory, you’ll be part of a young and ambitious team dedicated to delivering the coolest experiences in Scandinavia to our customers. You’ll be closely involved in the sales process, engaging in daily conversations with Scandinavian companies that create quality experiences. Your responsibilities will include sourcing the best partners, building relationships with these companies, and collaborating with your team to introduce new products.

Throughout your journey, you’ll receive support and guidance from your colleagues, ensuring your optimal development and a great experience with us.

Here’s what you’ll be diving into:

  • Research and analysis of new potential partners & product types within the experience industry throughout Scandinavia
  • Daily communication with existing partners to maintain strong relationships
  • Opportunities to participate in client meetings with new and existing partners
  • Onboarding new partners to ensure they have the best possible welcome to Truestory
  • Concept and business development to keep up with the latest trends
  • Maintenance and optimization of the CRM system
  • Preparation of sales presentations and reports for both new and existing partners

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is pursuing a relevant higher education degree, preferably in commerce and marketing
  • Has a compelling drive, with an interest in engaging with various companies in the experience industry
  • Is ambitious and ready to make a personal impact on our operations in three Scandinavian countries
  • Is outgoing, enjoys building relationships, and thrives in a growing company Experience in the above areas is an advantage but certainly not a requirement, as long as you have enthusiasm and a willingness to learn about what supply at Truestory is all about. If you’re eager to take the initiative and shoulder responsibilities, an exciting experience and plenty of learning opportunities await you.

Tech, UX and product internships

At Truestory, our tech team operates using the Shape Up method. With Shape Up, we work in ‘8-week sprints/cycles,’ where the first 6 weeks are dedicated to projects approved throughout the company, and then there are 2 weeks of ‘cool-down’ where we have the opportunity to go back and fix errors, optimize, and maybe learn new things. During the initial 6 weeks, there’s a unanimous agreement within the company that ‘new tasks’ won’t be introduced out of the blue, the scope won’t change, and we won’t disturb the Tech team unless it’s absolutely urgent.

Here’s what we work on:

  • Umbraco / .NET Framework for 150+ .NET Core Microservices, a completely custom-built booking system
  • PHP WordPress sites
  • Single Page Applications built in Angular and AngularJS
  • UX Research

Additionally, we continuously experiment with new technologies, both on entirely new projects and when old projects need an upgrade, to keep ourselves updated and ensure we’re using the right tools for the tasks at hand.

As an intern in the tech team, your tasks will vary based on your experiences and interests that you bring to the department. So, it’s not a requirement to have experience in all the areas mentioned above.

Could you be our next intern in...

Does an internship in marketing at Truestory sound appealing to you? Or do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.